Metalcore Act Demigod Release Progressive Masterpiece “Whiplash Motif” Single [India]

Demigod is a progressive metalcore group based in Jaipur, India featuring vocalist/guitarist Ravneet Singh, guitarist Rishab Upadhyay, bassist/vocalist Ayush Saxena, keyboardist Sanskriti Mathur, and drummer Ayush Sharma. The band had previously released the single “Cure of My Sickness” last year, which harkened classic metalcore guitar chugs and a tasteful mix of both clean vocals and growls.

The five-piece is now back with an even more dynamic and gripping new single titled “Whiplash Motif.” Racking in at approximately seven minutes, this track sways from Pantera-meets-Periphery crushing riffs to Dream Theater-like proggy bliss. While the overall song is attention grabbing, the guitar lick that stars at 4:42 was particularly memorable for its peculiar melodic pattern. Lastly, I feel it is a must to mention the vocal diversity and synth atmospheres showcased on the composition that truly creates the immersive experience. The music was produced by Gunjan Soral (Under Roots Studios) where the video production was handled by Abhishek Goswami (Sonicspawn Studios).

You can check out the lyric video for Demigod‘s “Whiplash Motif” below:

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