Aarlon Fuels Their Monstrous Single “Vidroh” Full of Groovy Metalcore Rage [India]

Based out of New Delhi, India, Aarlon have slowly, but surely been catching my attention over the past few years with each single they release. Their first single “Tu Meri Maut” showed roots of straight-forward, catchy metalcore as “Haiwan” dabbled in a more experimental, dynamic experience and “Panchhi” revealed a soft, acoustic side to the band. Overall, the group has made clear that they are masters of diversity and melody, allowing for each song they put out to be different from the last, yet still containing a satisfying dose of hooks and heaviness.

On their most recent single, “Vidroh,” the act concocts their most captivating composition so far, filled to the brim with grooves, a variety of vocal melodies, and crushing moments. Vocalist Pritam Goswami Adhikary wildly explodes with rage and passion on each verse before soaring to lush heights during the chorus. Check out the music video for the new single below.

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