Death Tribute Album Features Sichgart, Abruptus, Beltane, Wolftribe, Offal, Savagez, The Father of Serpents, & More [Ukraine, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Brazil, Serbia]

It has been over fifteen years since Death founder vocalist/guitarist Chuck Schuldiner passed away. Luckily, there have been a decent amount of solid tributes since then in the name of the creator of death metal. A Tribute to Death will be released on April 16th via Antichrist Magazine and features a diverse cast of contributors. You can check out all artists involved, the tracklisting, and a video teaser below.

1. Legion of Doom – Sichgart (Ukraine)
2. Mutilation (feat. Jonny Peterson of Wombbath) – Basement Torture Killings (UK)
3. Land of No Return – Abruptus (Mexico)
4.  Leprosy – Aetranok (USA)
5. Infernal Death – Hateful Agony (Germany)
6. Born Dead – Rat King (USA)
7. Left to Die – Beltane (New Zealand)
8. Pull the Plug – Wolftribe (Poland)
9. Spiritual Healing – Body Harvest (UK)
10. Within The Mind – Injector (Spain)
11. Defensive Personalities – Offal (Brazil)
12. Lack of Comprehension – Nethertale (Spain)
13. Suicide Machine – Reject the Sickness (Belgium)
14. The Philosopher – Savagez (Brazil)
15. 1000 Eyes (feat. Jan Roubal) – Torment Tool (Germany)
16. Empty Words – The Father of Serpents (Serbia)
17. Spirit Crusher – Frosthelm (USA)
18. Voice of the Soul – Searching For Reason (USA)
19. Story to Tell – Unto The Wolves (USA)

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