Tripsitter Immerse Hardcore Ferocity With Post-Black Metal Aesthetics In “Bury Me” Single [Austria]

Austria’s Tripsitter are getting closer to the release date for the album, The Other Side Of Sadness, which you can pick up on April 19th via Prosthetic Records. The experimental hardcore act just put out their final single “Bury Me,” which which weaves a gritty punk attitude through a clean, almost post-black metal production.

The band stated the following about the track: “Bury Me is about two individuals who share a similar destiny and soul, they feel the same mental strains and torture as each other and will always be connected through this. We hope the song showcases that no matter where we go in life and what we do, certain relationships and connections remain on the soul forever either with a positive or negative effect and that self reflection is key, you should leave behind the past, that place is dead. Let go, look forward and remember you are never alone with these feelings, someone is always suffering with you.” Check out the single below.

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