Amputated Genitals Get As Nasty and Brutal As Possible On “Condemnation and Atrocious Embodiment of the Vile” Single [Colombia]

Amputated Genitals

Amputated Genitals are based in Bogota, Colombia and consists of James Shuster (vocals), Daniel Paz (guitar), Justin Downs (bass), and Beto Martinez (drums). The brutal death metal act will be releasing their third album Origin of Murder on May 23rd via Sevared Records / Gore and Blood Productions.

Recently, the group put out the single “Condemnation and Atrocious Embodiment of the Vile,” which is very much so as musically vulgar as their band name and this song title. I’ll admit I made out zero percent of the vocals, but the overall tone was certainly boundary breaking for in regards to making the listener uncomfortable. Check out the song below.

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