Devoured Elysium Spice Up Their Brutal Death Metal With Memorable Intricacies On “Slaughter For No Reason” Single [Turkey]

Devoured Elysium

Based out of Izmir, Turkey, Devoured Elysium consists of Kerem Akman (vocals), Güven Elban (guitar), Hürkan Çağlar (bass, backing vocals), and Atakan Kayman (drums). Their upcoming album Extermination Policies should be released later this year, but the band has just dropped a crazy single to whet your appetite.

At first, “Slaughter For No Reason” delivers what is to be expected from a brutal death metal act with deep vocals and downtuned chuggy riffs galore, yet the band is able to include distinct musical moments to allow the song to stand out from guitar licks being electronically processed to brief percussion hits surprising the listener. Check it out below.

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