Life Awaits Blend in Dreamy Atmospheres Amongst Their Modern Metalcore Identity In “Better Now” Music Video [China]

Life Awaits

Life Awaits is metalcore quartet based in Beijing, China and are slowly making their way up the ladder in the scene. They formed back in 2015 and released their debut LP, Waves, a couple years later. Now, the band have put out a fresh new single “Better Now” through Famined Records.

As for the new single, vocalist Yu stated, “‘Better Now’ is kind of an experimental song for us. We wanted to find connections between the lyrics and each note. I personally suffered from bipolar disorder for a period of time. So there’s anger in it and there’s also desperation. But most importantly, there is an exit from it all. And we hope the song can reach out to those who have the same problem and can find their own way out. This is also the first single release after signing with Famined Records. We are all very excited. And we hope it brings a new chapter to our career.”

The song fits snug in with the modern metalcore/post-hardcore generation, blending calming clean vocals with bursts of energetic screams and bits of proggy guitar riffs. While the single is catchy and impressive, I nonetheless have a hunch that even more dynamic and impactful tracks are incoming from Life Awaits. Check out the music video below.

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