Chernaa Announce Debut Album & Release Nightmarish Blackened Post-Metal “Pink Powder” Music Video [Czech Republic]


Chernaa is a post-black metal group based in Prague, Czech Republic, yet with members from other nearby countries including Ukraine and Russia. They will be releasing their debut LP, Empyrean Fire, on June 7th via Noizr Productions. In addition to this announcement, the band has also dropped a music video for the first single called “Pink Powder.”

As for the new single, the band released this quote: “With this song, we tried to capture the beauty within a dark and aggressive sound in the instrumental, while the vocal could be described as the opposite, the darkness of the shriek within a beautiful lyrical content.”

The track definitely harbors back the rawness of early black metal, but also adds that modern atmospheric production and melodic element akin to other post-black pioneers Deafheaven. Check out the music video for “Pink Powder” below.

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