Ode to the End Craft Their Deathcore Into a More Melodic Fashion Within ‘Fiend’ Full EP Stream [Japan]

Ode to the End

Japanese deathcore act Ode to the End consisting of Tomohisa Shirayama (vocals), Dai Fujita (guitar), Yasuaki Ogawa (bass), and Ryo Doma (drums) has just dropped their EP titled Fiend via Chugcore International. The 17-minute release holds four tracks with the closing piece “Prophecy” featuring Slaughter to Prevail guitarist Jack Simmons.

Overall, the EP presents a very enjoyable and melodic deathcore style that is far less abrasive than the modern big-names, yet spreads its wings through patient pacing and a keen awareness for dynamics. You can listen to the full EP stream below.

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