Defying Decay Show Off Their Synthy Metalcore Roots In “Let It Rain” Music Video [Thailand]

Defying Decay

Defying Decay is a Thai metalcore band who are made up of ‘Jay’ Poom Euarchukiati (vocals, guitar, synth) Howard Fang (guitar), Kongpop ‘Jump’ Thongrat (guitar, piano), Theon Adam (bass, programming), and Mark Mironov (drums). They will be releasing their debut LP titled Metamorphosis in June and have already put out a couple singles, “Judas Kiss” and “Ghost.”

While touring in Russia earlier this year with Emmure, the band filmed a music video for the most recent single, “Let It Rain.” Frontman ‘Jay’ Poom Euarchukiati stated, “This song is probably one of the ones we enjoy playing live the most, as it contains all of our favorite elements from heavy breakdowns to groovy riffs, clean catchy chorus, epic guitar solos, poppy synths, and many more. It was also really fun to to work on something that really represents the band as a while, whilst showing off everyone’s skills.”

The track has a very wholesome feel to it and reveals both nu metal and metalcore styles, but never ventures too far into either territories. After listening a few times, I’m still discovering interesting subtleties within the song. Check out the music video for “Let It Rain” below.

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