Chernaa Manifest a Righteous Blend of Post Rock and Black Metal in “Ominous” [Czech Republic]


Hailing from Czech Republic, Chernaa consists of Nexus, Solipsist, Utsuro, Nihilist and Hedonist. The post black metal outfit has just put out a new single from the forthcoming album Empyrean Fire which is due out on June 7th.

The band comments on the song, “The music is taken from higher planes of consciousness. Raw emotions played through saddened guitar riffs and wistful melodic combinations drag the listener through the forest of thoughts. It was created to enjoy those beautiful and painful melancholic desolations around us.”

“Ominous” is a crushing blend of post metal and black metal music which creates a formidable image of the band in the stream of bands like Alcest and Deafheaven. Listen to their music below.

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