Ninthshaft Find the Sweet Spot Between Dynamic and Hypnotizing Progressive Doom For “21 Grams” Music Video [Russia]


Ninthshaft is a proggy, doom metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia consisting of Oleg Lankin (vocals), Pavel Krylov (guitar), Petr Kolaiko (guitar), George Malm (bass), Artur Vasiliev (keyboards), and Daniil Krylov (drums). The lyrics are also credited to Ria April Avalon.

While I honestly was quite intrigued by the music, it was really difficult to pinpoint how to categorize this band’s style. The evolving atmosphere and soaring vocals reminded me of Leprous in a way, even through not nearly as progressive. The tones and repetition pointed towards the stoner/doom subgenre as well, yet not at all to the extent of modern acts. And lastly, there were some interersting production choices like vocal delay, which was a bit disorienting, but nonetheless interesting. Give their new music video for the single “21 Grams” a shot below.

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