Ape on the Rocket Speak Their Native Tongue in “Good Luck” Live Music Video [Russia]

Ape on the Rocket

Ape on the Rocket is a metal/mathcore act from Kaliningrad, Russia consisting of Sergey Filimonov (vocals), Anton Kryukov (guitar) , Alexei Garenko (guitar), Sergey Mihailov (bass), and Alexei Shibko (drums). The band was founded in 2015 and has since performed alongside Black Tongue, I Set My Friends On Fire, etc. as well as releasing their album titled Circulation last year.

This year though the group put out the single “Good Luck,” which is sung all in Russian. The track excels for its variety and ferocity, keeping one on the edge of the seat the whole damn time. Check out the band’s live music video for the piece below.

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