Sandynoiz Pack their Monstrous ‘031​.​042​.​051​.​053’ EP Full of Guest Features [South Korea]


South Korean beatdown hardcore group Sandynoiz have just dropped an EP titled 031​.​042​.​051​.​053 via Gyaru Guts Records. The six-track release is loaded with guest features on almost every track including A.N.F.C., Bang9suk (Paohoo), Ryo Sakura (C-Gate, Unrefriends), Lord Hentai (Gokkun), and Kiryu Zhang (Dehumanazing Itatrain Worship).

While I’m not familiar with any of the guest features, I can confidently say that they likely help with the variety and stylistic dynamics in this EP as the music ranges from Knocked Loose like breakdowns to something more akin with slam/brutal death metal. Listen to the full banger of an EP below.

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