Virtue in Violence Explores Torture Porn for Their Musically Grinding “Anxiety Sensation” Music Video [Mexico]

Virtue in Violence

From Aguascalientes in Mexico, Virtue in Violence is a slam/deathcore group consisting of Gerardo Luna (vocals), Dila Mtz (guitar), Felipe de Anda (bass), Raul Ponce (drums), and Tore Rangel (samples). They have just dropped a new single titled “Anxiety Season,” which demonstrates a grinding percussion pace and gut-wrenching growls to make for a truly sinister piece. While the song had some truly dark tones, a cleaner production could have spruced up the overall listening experience.

You can now check out the music video for the track as the band displays some form of violent altercation between a doctor and female patient, adding an even darker atmosphere to the already eerie music.

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