As Karma Brings Add Technical Flair and Attitude to “The Leaders are Swine” EP Stream [Hungary]

As Karma Brings

From Budapest in Hungary, As Karma Brings is a brutal deathcore band that consists of Tari Bálint (vocals), Sándor Henrik (guitar), Mihalik Dávid (guitar), Melis Krisztián (bass), and Balogh András (drums). They formed actually back in 2013 and went on to release an EP titled Tyrant of Time a few years later. The five-piece group are now back with another EP, The Leaders Are Swine.

With elements of deathcore, slam, tech-death, prog, and black metal, this five-track EP truly keeps the listener on the edge of the seat while in full headbang mode. You can stream the full EP below.

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