Brutal Sphincter Brings Fecal Themed Sociopolitics to their “Make Goregrind Great Again” Music Video [Belgium]

Brutal Sphincter

Brutal Sphincter is Belgian goregrind act consisting of members Major Diarrhea (vocals), GG Stalin (vocals), Spermain (guitar, bass), Riddo (guitar), and Leopoold (drums). They are a “poolitical” themed band, meaning they are politically-driven while mixing in fecal matter concepts and puns galore. For example, the band put out an LP titled Analhu Akbar via Rotten Roll Rex last year.

More recently, they released an animated music video for the track “Make Goregrind Great Again” where we see a character excrete out an alter ego version of himself who wreaks havoc all over town. Throughout the video, there are also plenty of sociopolitical easter eggs and references to pick up on. Musically, the track is heavy and grinding, yet surprisingly maintains restraint and dynamics. Check it out below.

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