Marina Cut Deep into Metalcore’s Roots for “Cry Omega” Music Video [Czech Republic]


From Prague in Czech Republic, Marina is a metalcore band consisting of Egor Erushin (vocals), Vojta Pacesny (guitar), Gregory Trubchanin (guitars), Martin Krejcik (bass), and Michal Digtyar (drums). In the group’s decade long life, they have put out three EPs, an LP, and shared the stage with The Devil Wears Prada, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Suffokate, A Lot Like Birds, Closure In Moscow, and more.

More recently, the band dropped a single titled “Cry Omega.” The piece shows a matured metalcore identity that feels both modern in its slight progressive/djent attributes alike After the Burial, but also with a more traditional mosh pit attitude. Check out the music video for the single below.

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