Dethrone the Corrupted Merge Black Metal, Deathcore, & Tech-Death For an Insanely Mind-Blowing Headbanger in “Interfernal Suffering” Music Video [Slovenia]

Dethrone The Corrupted

From Maribor in Slovenia, Dethrone the Corrupted are a blackened deathcore band consisting of Sandi Sumandel (vocals), Iztok Hladen (guitar), Jan Lovrencic (guitar) Mihael Jelenko (bass), and Žiga Pristovnik (drums). They released their LP Sintrophia earlier this year and are now back with a music video from one of the tracks.

“Interfernal Suffering” showcases the band’s immaculate merge of black metal, tech-death, and deathcore. Some movements hit as heavy as early Fallujah where other parts go technical on the level of Job For A Cowboy. And while all this slamming proggy chaos is pummeling, the vocalist lays down some wild screams that harness a Mayhem howl during a couple moments. Check out the music video below.

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