Demigod Prove to Have No Limitations on Genre Defying “Two Pillars” Single [India]


Demigod are back at it again with a fresh, new single titled “Two Pillars.” Last year, we posted about the Indian act’s very progressive metalcore leaning track “Whiplash Motif,” but on this new song we see the band exploring new territory. Yes, the prog and heaviness is still present, however a wider range of influences is revealed.

The standout moments include Rishab Upadhyay’s guitar solos, which range from a melodic, neoclassical Avenged Sevenfold approach to a style more reminiscent to Deafheaven’s dramatic, yet clean guitar licks. Additionally, keyboardist Sanskriti Mathur adds variety to the piece with a haunting Type O Negative jingle early on in the song with a more creeping, eerie Make Them Suffer melody farther down in the track. Lastly, halfway through the song, the band takes a brief Opeth-like departure away from the heaviness, creating a dynamic and tonal shift. Overall, the single is a journey through the band’s eclecticism and further evidence that Demigod is an expanding collective of talent in the Indian metal scene. Check out the track below.

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