Killkount Tear Through a Politically Heated Death Metal Banger for “The Koffin Feeder” Music Video [India]


Killkount is an Indian death metal band consisting of Vishal Dalwani (vocals), Divyanshu Gupta (guitar), Laksh Thamman (guitar), Mradul Singhal (bass), and Aditya Oke (drums). Their upcoming LP Konflict & Terror will be dropping this year.

The group just put out a new single titled “The Koffin Feeder,” which is lyrically based around Marvel’s The Punisher, while also conceptually tying in similarities to the aforementioned character’s story to the current political climate in India. Musically though, the piece presents some vocals and riffage as intense as modern big-names like Cattle Decapitation. You can check out the music video below.

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