Sails of Serenity Layer Electronic Experimentation onto their Prog/Nu Metalcore Identity for “Plastic” Single [Turkey]

Sails of Serenity

From Istanbul in Turkey, Sails of Serenity is a metalcore band consisting of Selim Devirek (vocals), Sercan Alkın (guitar), Harun Sekmen (guitar), and Alter Güven (drums). They previously released the Gold to Rust EP followed by The Crossing LP last year via Famined Records, which held the raw aggression of Architects clashing with the experimental, progressive aspects of Tesseract.

Just recently, the group dropped a new single titled “Plastic.” The piece hits hard, yet also takes an experimental route alike other progressive/nu metalcore acts in the modern scene, throwing electronic effects into the mix. You can give the song a listen below.

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