A Call for Revenge Churn Out a Blackened Beatdown Banger on “River Expiation” Lyric Video [Mexico]

A Call For Revenge

A Call for Revenge is a Mexican hardcore beatdown band currently holding a lineup of Almejandro (vocals), Yoav (vocals), Tiza (guitar), and Cesar (bass). They released their debut LP Face Judgement back in 2016 via We Are Triumphant.

The group are now prepping their follow-up, Secular Atonement, which will be released this year via Sacrilegiovs Records. For a peek into what to expect of the upcoming album, the act have put out the single “River Expiation.” While hardcore in nature, the track also layers on black metal shrieks and growls aside mosh-certified riffs. Check out the lyric video below.

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