Vitam Et Mortem Embrace the Groove in Their Blackened Death Metal for “Barquero de los Muertos” Single [Colombia]

Vitam Et Mortem

Colombian blackened death metal act Vitam Et Mortem consists of Julián David Trujillo Moreno aka Tánatos (vocals, guitars) and Julián Felipe Rodríguez aka Haborym (drums, vocals) as well as a live lineup with Arley Flórez aka Maldito (guitar) and Irkalla (bass). They will be releasing their album titled El Río De La Muerte in April via Satanath Records and Exhumed Records.

“Barquero de los Muertos” just was revealed as a pre-release single. The track weaves a gripping groove through their chaotic blend of black and death metal. Check out the single below.

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