Ignea Shine With Both Stunning Melodies & Heaviness for “Disenchantment” Music Video [Ukraine]


Ignea is a Ukranian folk/progressive metal band holding a lineup of Helle Bogdanova (vocals), Dmitriy Vinnichenko (guitar), Evgeny Zhytnyuk (keys, vocals), Xander Kamyshin (bass), and Ivan Kholmogorov (drums). In 2016, the group opened up for Israeli proggers Orphaned Land before dropping their debut LP the following year. A couple years later, they toured Europe with Butcher Babies and Kobra and the Lotus.

Their follow-up, The Realms of Fire and Death, is a concept album accompanied by a book of short tales with themes of fire and death from various perspectives. The LP will be releasing on April 17, but there is a new single that just came out. “Disenchantment” is overall grandiose through Helle’s gorgeous vocal tones, yet the modern, chunky riffs paired with her growls and the synth key melodies played over top makes for a fully compelling piece. Check out the music video below.

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