Deathsquad Will Get the Whole Crowd Moshing Their Brains Out in “No Respect” Music Video [Russia]


From Kazan in Russia, Deathsquad is a slam/beatdown act with a lineup holding Alexey Morozov (vocals), Usoof Sabirov (guitar), Alexey Romashin (guitar), Anton Mazilnikov (bass), and Artem Mustafin (drums). They put out an LP titled Stay One in 2018 and are still pumping out the hype for it. Last year, we featured the music video for “Our Blood,” yet we now have a new video from that aforementioned album.

“No Respect” shows off the band’s tough and slamming riffs paired with excitable rhythms that make you just want to charge the pit. Check out the music video for the track below.

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