Constellatia Achieve a Fulfilling and Zen-Like Blackgaze Experience During “In Acclamation” Lyric Video [South Africa]


From Cape Town, South Africa, Constellatia is a blackgaze group consisting of Gideon Lamprecht (guitars, keys) and Keenan Oakes (bass, vocals), who are founders of Crow Black Sky and Wildernessking respectively. The project also includes live members Adam Hill (guitar) and Lawrence Jaeger (drums). Late last year, the released their debut album titled The Language of Limbs via Season of Mist.

Just recently though, the band put out a lyric video for one of the tracks off that record. “In Acclamation” is an incredibly cohesive amalgamation of post-rock, prog, shoegaze, and black metal. Check out the lyric video below to experience the lush, spacey atmospheres of a band like sleepmakeswaves or Russian Circles mixed in with the harsher elements of Alcest or Deafheaven.

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