Defiled Show Off Their Death Metal Mastery During “Centuries” Live Video [Japan]


Based out of Tokyo in Japan, death metal act Defiled currently holds a lineup of Shinichiro Hamada (vocals, guitar), Yusuke Sumita (guitar), Takachika Nakajima (bass), and Keisuke Hamada (drums). They have been active since the early 90’s and since put out six LPs total as well as have opened for other extreme metal groups including Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Mayhem, and Incantation. Their most recent album was titled Infinite Regress and came out last year via Season of Mist.

Just recently, the group posted a live video of them performing “Centuries” from the aforementioned record in their hometown. You can check out the heavy and tight performance below.

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