World End Man Fuse a Nu Metal Groove with Death Metal for “Bone Cutter” Music Video [Japan]

World End Man

Based out of Osaka in Japan, World End Man is a modern death metal act consisting of Kiyo Nishihara (vocals), Naoto Inui (guitar), Yoichi Kohara (bass), and Shigeki “Umebo” Nakazato (drums). They recently out out a new single and music video.

“Bone Cutter” displays their unique take on death metal, incorporating deathcore and nu metal elements as shown mostly through the down-tuned grooves. Imagine if you will the rhythm and choppy delivery of Coal Chamber, but the screws are tightened and the vocal execution is more stronger and growly. The video is also very similar to the visual effects on White Stripes‘ “Seven Nation Army,” which is far more engaging than typical modern metal video visuals. Check out the single’s music video below.

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