Takatak Solidify Their Djent Expertise in “Voyager” Playthrough [Pakistan]


From Lahore in Pakistan, progressive metalcore/djent band Takatak plan to release their debut full-length album Acrophase this year. The upcoming LP was mastered by engineer/producer Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Plini). Last time, we posted about their single “Fault Lines” and the group are now putting out another track off the record.

“Voyager” displays the band taking their guitar potential to greater heights with Animals as Leaders thumps or intricate Intervals licks in between the djenty riffs. The vocal duality in this track is also very strong, blending clean melodies and harsher screams without going overboard on either side of the spectrum. While they piqued my interest with the previous single, they absolutely have me hooked and ready for more on this new song. Check out the playthrough video below.

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