Goat Necropsy Expand the Reaches of Deathgrind in Devastating & Intriguing ‘Bloody and Fresh’ EP Stream [Brazil]

Goat Necropsy

Brazilian deathgrind duo Goat Necropsy recently dropped their new EP titled Bloody and Fresh. The four-track release is available to stream everywhere, but you can also give it a listen in the video below.

The EP is only an eight minute listening experience, but the variety is rather impressive. Tracks like “Chopping Organs” and “Anal Vomit” are true to a more death metal meets grindcore fusion in the vein of Dying Fetus and Pig Destroyer where “The Collector” and “Devoured by the Hounds” show a modern deathcore approach alike Chelsea Grin or modern Cattle Decapitation. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re into the more extreme side of metal, so try the EP out now.

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