Hail Spirit Noir Bring Even More Prog to Their Retro Psychedelia in “Crossroads” Music Video [Greece]

Hail Spirit Noir

Greek psychedelic, progressive metal act Hail Spirit Noir are releasing their fourth LP, Eden in Reverse, on June 19th via Agonia Records. Last time, we posted about their retro, experimental single “The First Ape on New Earth” and now we have yet another track to enjoy prior to the album dropping.

“Crossroads” continue the Ghost-like vibes from the last single, but also add a more prog-focused twist in the vein of Coma Ecliptic era Between the Buried and Me or modern Leprous. Additionally, the new song features drummer Lars Nedland from the Norwegian black metal group Solefad. Check out the music video for the innovative and intriguing piece below.

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