Inner Sanctum Highlight the Hypocrisy of Modern Society in “Realms of Oblivion” Lyric Video [India]

Inner Sanctum

From Bangalore in India, Inner Sanctum is a death/thrash metal band holding a lineup of Gaurav Basu (vocals), Chintan Chinnappa (guitar), Arjun Mulky (guitar), Narayan Shrouthy (bass), and Jared Sandhy (drums). They formed in 2006 and released an EP and a LP in 2009 and 2015 respectively. The band has also performed alongside big-name artists like Metallica, Slayer, Cradle of Filth, Testament, Periphery, Meshuggah, Tesseract, Enslaved, Amon Amarth, Textures, Dead Letter Circus, and more.

While it has been five years since they dropped the Legions Awake album, they recently put together a lyric video for the “Realms of Oblivion” track. You can check out the video for the powerfully heavy track below.

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