Majesty of Revival Get Theatrical & Proggy in “Guardians” Music Video [Ukraine]

Majesty of Revival

Majesty of Revival is a Ukraine-based prog metal group holding a lineup of Dimitriy Pavlovskiy (vocals, guitar), Myroslav Danko (guitar, backing vocals), Maestone (keys), Vitalii Popfalushi (bass), and Vasil Irzhak (drums). They formed in 2009 and have since dropped a couple EPs and four LPs.

Earlier this year, they put out a new single titled “Guardians.” The track will be included on their upcoming fifth album. If you’re into the likes of Leprous, Symphony X, or Haken, you’ll dig the quirky, progressive tendencies in this piece. Check out the music video for the single below. Also, the Ukrainian lyric version can be found here.

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