Tormented Brutality Harness Pure Death Metal Heaviness for “Winds of Destiny” Lyric Video [Philippines]

Tormented Brutality

Based out of the Philippines, Tormented Brutality is a death metal band holding a lineup of Chris Bone (vocals; Forged in Black, A Billion Limbs), Larry Anthony Kennon (guitar), Anton ‘InsaneDeathMachine’ Zhikharev (bass; Neurogenic, Gorgasm, Fleshbomb), and Kevin Paradis (drums; Benighted, Mithridatic). Just this year they released their EP titled Chronicles of Apocalypse, which featured guest spots from Miles Dimitri Baker (Interloper, Rings of Saturn, Aenimus), Kris Xenopoulos (Vulvodynia), Thomas Sartor (Profanity), and more.

While the EP is now available to stream, the group recently put out a lyric video for the track “Winds of Destiny.” You can check out the in-your-face and fast paced headbanger now below.

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