SpitHope is Impossible to Pigeonhole in “Talab” Lyric Video [India]


Based out of Mumbai in India, SpitHope is a metal act with a lineup of Chitransh Yadav (vocals), Manvendra Rawat (guitar), Aakash Rawat (guitar), Ishaan Kochhar (bass), Kush Asher (keys), and Abhiluv Chandel (drums). They just released an EP titled Care is Fiction, Fiction is Reality.

The band’s style meshes elements of prog, thrash, and heavy metal together in an experimental, yet succinct manner. “Talab” shows off this fusion, which comes off as a mish-mash between late Death, Skeletonwitch, Mastodon, and Melvins. Overall, it’s hard to pin down, so take those comparisons with a grain of salt. Check out the lyric video for “Talab” off the aforementioned EP below.

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