Undying Inc Bring Pounding Death Metal Meets Metalcore in New “Decimate” Single [India]

Undying Inc

Based out of New Delhi in India, Undying Inc is a thrash/death metal/metalcore act who formed back in 2004. Their current lineup consists of Sunneith Revankar (vocals; ex-Bhayanak Maut), Biswarup Gupta (guitar), Ezra Helios (bass), and Jerry Nelson Ranee (drums; ex-Plague Throat).

While the group has dropped a few EPs and a couple LPs throughout their career, it has been awhile since we’ve received new material from them. To cure our cravings, they recently put out a new single titled “Decimate” and the song does exactly what the title describes. Check out the new track below which holds Fear Factory-paced riffage and a mix of death metal and modern metalcore.

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