Dead Exaltation Lay Down Some Sweet Tech-Death for “Coerced Sewer Ingest” Single [India]

Dead Exaltation

Hailing from Pune in India, Dead Exaltation is a progressive tech-death metal group who formed in 2015. Throughout their career, they have shared stages with Gutslit, Plague Throat, Manrating Orchid, Dehydrated, and Metastasis, while also writing material for their debut album, Despondent. Sadly, guitarist Mradul Singhal passed away during the production of the LP, yet remaining members vocalist Satyajit Gargori and drummer Aditya Oke finished the record to release in the near future.

For now, dive into the single “Coerced Sewer Ingest” to witness their powerful grasp on technical death metal in the vein of Ingested or Spawn of Possession. Full single can be heard below.

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