Dive in the Zarraza Moshpit During Their Immaculate Death Metal Execution of “More Than Hate” [Kazakhstan]


Zarraza is an extreme metal act based out of Almaty, Kazakhstan with a current lineup of Nick Khalabuzar (vocals, guitar), Dan Eternal (guitar), Adil Aliakpar (bass), and Ruslan Konon (drums). They formed in 2012 and have since shared the stage with Sepultura, Rotting Christ, Tyr, and more.

A few years back, they dropped their LP titled Necroshiva. From that record was the volatile track “More than Hate,” displaying their tight, groovy, and progressive death metal akin to Revocation or late Death. You can check out the new video for the piece featuring former band members Alexander Filatoff and Daniyar Aktaev now below.

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