Biomorphic Engulfment are Unbelievably Brutal in “Menacing Army of Parasitic Cockroaches” Single [Thailand]

Biomorphic Engulfment

Based out of Bangkok in Thailand, Biomorphic Engulfment is a brutal death metal act consisting of Kittipat Klinracon (vocals), Wit Klubviset (guitar), Nuttapong Supapol (guitar), Tossaporn Chuaywong (bass), Polwach Beokhaimook (drums). They will be dropping their album titled Incubation In The Parallel Dimension on March 31st via Show No Mercy Records.

“Menacing Army of Parasitic Cockroaches” is an insane concoction of squeals, crushing riffs and blistering rhythms. Give it a listen below.

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