Best Metalcore Album Around the World of 2022 [Russia, Vietnam, Latvia]

There is so much heavy, extreme, and beautiful metal music being conjured all around the world that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Metal Has No Borders has curated the best of the best of metalcore released this year.

Check out our hand-picked choices below including Russian alt-metalcore, Vietnamese progcore, and Latvian melodic metalcore. More lists incoming soon including Best Progressive Metal, Best Folk Metal, Best Experimental Metal, and more!

Also, be sure to see who won the Readers’ Vote awards and Best Extreme Metal awards.

Metalcore Album of the Year (Gold Tier)

Massface – Inequable



When summing up the nine songs of Inequable, the word ‘dimension’ comes to mind. At moments, the music churns like djent-y machinery, while in other parts, the flames of heavy atmosphere are gently expanded with the light rain of gasoline. This contrast allows for a fairly diverse and three-dimensional listening experience throughout the record. I’m genuinely pleased that Massface has finally found a superb identity and I look forward to hearing them expand upon it. Inequable is a bold, yet refined record that fits in snugly with the modern prog-core scene. [Full Review]

Inequable by Massface is awarded Metalcore Album of the Year (Gold Tier) for 2022

Favorite Songs:Aftermath,” “Dunes,” “Bystander”

For Fans Of: Tesseract, Erra, Chevelle… 

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Metalcore Album of the Year (Silver Tier)

Windrunner – Tan

Released via Famined Records


For context’s sake, it’s important to understand how Windrunner‘s newest vocalist Nân had large shoes to fill after the departure of crowdpleaser Duong Bui. Admittedly, I myself felt concern that the band’s previous melodic / growly duality would be lost, but this recent material fortunately proved my anxieties irrational. Most albums are presented as a collection of songs, but the most impactful records masterfully convey the momentum of the tracks, no different than a curator constructs the flow of an art gallery. Tan is prime proof of such, showcasing Nân’s growing confidence as her role in the vocal throne as the tracklisting progresses. Gentle melodies enticed me deeper before pushing back with thunderous screams alike the dynamics of Stockholm syndrome. When also considering the weighty-ambient production and djent-driven riffs, Windrunner have delivered an awe-inspiring showcase of lush, dystopian metalcore.

Tan by Windrunner is awarded Metalcore Album of the Year (Silver Tier) for 2022

Favorite Songs:Sardonyx (ft. Tobias Rische),” “Raven,” “Mahogany (ft. Sota)

For Fans Of: Make Them Suffer, Spiritbox, After the Burial…

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Metalcore Album of the Year (Bronze Tier)

Sever – This Should Have Been a Better Place



Undeniably, Sever are bound for large arenas and rowdy crowds. The infectious catchy tunes here provoke nostalgia for early melodic metalcore, while also fitting in with modern heavy-hitters. Their songwriting is spot-on and production hits hard, but what truly sold me on this project is the art direction. I loved the imagery they used in the visualizers, demonstrating the distraught apathy of the current generation lost in existential dread of a large cityscape.

This Should Have Been a Better Place by Sever is awarded Metalcore Album of the Year (Bronze Tier) for 2022

Favorite Songs:Animal,” “Cold World,” “The Disease

For Fans Of: Bad Omens, Of Mice & Men, Fit For a King

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