Best Metal Around the World: December 2022 [Bahrain, Mexico, Israel, Greece…]

There is so much heavy, extreme, and beautiful metal music being conjured all around the world that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Metal Has No Borders has curated the best of the best released this month, from Bahrain and Mexico to Israel and Greece, as well as everything in between.

Enjoy our hand-picked favorite albums, singles, and videos for December 2022 below. Enjoy and share which bands you were headbanging to this past month in the comment section!

Album of the Month (Gold Tier)

Ryth – Deceptor Creator



While death metal as a foundation subgenre has branched out into many further styles, few bands are carrying the ‘progressive death metal’ torch nowadays. Pioneers like Opeth have reeled back the aggression in favor of a 70’s prog rock style where Gojira have been dabbling more in the groovy, doomy side of the spectrum lately. Furthermore, many modern bands have taken the technical path instead of exploring the nuanced experimental tendencies of prog. Ryth tread forward, bringing clever riffs, tasteful intensity, and the occasional clean passage, to make for an overall compelling experience of Herculean proportions. Deceptor Creator is an unprecedented journey through valleys and mountains of darkness, revealing the cathartic benefits of extreme music.

Deceptor Creator by Ryth is awarded Best Album of the Month (Gold Tier) for December 2022

Favorite Songs:White Portrait,” “Auto-Autonomous,” “Self Destruct”

FFO: early Opeth, late Death, Carach Angren

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Album of the Month (Silver Tier)

Twisted Mind – From Slave to Prophet

Released via Rad Star


Twisted Mind hits such a peculiar part of my brain, with a classic heavy metal understanding of vocal melodies melding with modern radio rock production and a sprinkle of folk in the mix. This new EP is bound to attract both boomer and zoomer metalheads alike considering the versatility and widespread catchiness that From Slave to Prophet holds. While the band has the Middle Eastern flair akin to Orphaned Land or Myrath, they also possess a accessible, progressive characteristic that allow them to comfortably share the stage with Trivium or Dream Theater. All in all, I keep returning to this stylistic enigma and love it every time.

From Slave to Prophet by Twisted Mind is awarded Album of the Month (Silver Tier) for December 2022

Favorite Songs:Burning Grounds,” “Walked Through Hell,” “From Slave to Prophet”

FFO: Orphaned Land, Dream Theater, Myrath

Album of the Month (Bronze Tier)

Moral Corruption – Reborn



Sometimes all you need is some solid fuckin’ death metal. While occasionally swerving off the path to explore moments of groove, prog, tech, metalcore, etc., Moral Corruption stick to their guns and serve up a mighty meal of heaviness on Reborn. Boasting mountainous riffs, this debut full-length shows immaculate potential. If they continue down this path, while refining their tightening up their style towards a more distinct identity, I foresee this band on their way to some big European touring.

Reborn by Moral Corruption is awarded Album of the Month (Bronze Tier) for December 2022

Favorite Songs:Insomnia,” “Imp of the Perverse,” “Moloch

FFO: Decapitated, Lamb of God, At the Gates

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Album of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

Rvntvh – Contemplation of the Void


If you long for the Ghost Reveries-era Opeth, Contemplation of the Void summons a similar dynamic of treacherous guitar licks, blackened death atmosphere, and a keen amount of alluring clean vocals to seduce the listener into the Enslaved-esque ominous shadows.

Listen to “A Funeral of Souls

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Smoke of Isengard – Orc Metal


Lord of the Rings themed stoner metal… enough said. Puff, puff, pass with Gandolf (Electric Wizard) and Aragorn (Acid King). In all seriousness, Orc Metal is some thick smoky jams with plenty of Tolkien and cannabis references.

Listen to “Dwarf Hunter

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Violent Answer – Self-Threat


The nu-hardcore phenomena is hitting Eastern Europe! Get your Knocked Loose and Alphawolf fix via the raw energy on this sophmore EP.

Listen to “Chromatic

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Single / Video of the Month

Afterglow – “Dissonant Echo”


This metalcore project has been on our radar for awhile, but this is easily the most attention-grabbing single they’ve revealed. Noisy guitars stampede out of the gates with a Sworn In energy, but the entire piece is reined in by the sing-along Architects-esque vocal melodies. While I was already pleased by the massive choruses anchoring “Dissonant Echo,” the tasteful synth bridge to breakdown city was what lifted Afterglow to Erra-like metalcore mastery.

“Dissonant Echo” by Afterglow is awarded Best Single / Video of the Month for December 2022

Single / Video of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

Ape on the Rocket – “Pit”


We interviewed the Kaliningrad chaotic deathcore act Ape on the Rocket months ago and are truly blown away by their new suffocating single, bringing both Lorna Shore weight and Born of Osiris playful production; listen here

Hyperomm – “Doppelgänger


With the recent release of the new Designing Apocalypse LP unfortunately passing us by in November, a new music video for this Dark Tranquility-meets-Nekrogoblikon melo-death ripper of a single was the appropriate reminder at why we previously awarded much praise to their former record (In My Own Spaceship); listen here

Orca – “Sunset Limited”


This progcore project absolutely conquer the challenge of finding order in the chaos in this Veil of Maya at war with Converge banger; listen here

Kréen – “Mar de Ánimas”


Black metal is easily the best subgenre at conveying unseen macabre imagery and the nocturnal, oceanic visuals fit perfectly for the cold Woods of Ypress sadistic lullaby; listen here

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