The Most Humorously Grotesque Sphincter Mouth Beings – “No, Can You Lick Them For Me?” Music Video by Fatuous Rump [Taiwan]

I’ve never been able to take “Slamming Brutal Death Metal” seriously. It all just sounds… too ridiculously heavy, like an impressive spoof of death metal or grindcore.

Taiwanese “Slamming Brutal Death Metal” band Fatuous Rump perfect the aforementioned descriptor with hellish, demonic guttural vocals and constant moshpit erupt breakdowns.

If that mental image wasn’t clear enough for you, Rob Jabbaz concocted a music video of severe discomfort. Within the walls of Howard Phillips goddamn Lovecraft’s cosmic trucker stop bathroom reveals the rehearsal space for a brigade of fleshy beings, Fatuous Rump apparently. With hyper realistic sweat, Osmosis Jones-meets-Alien facehugger aesthetics, sphincter mouths, and semi-censored sex(?!), this video is the strangest mental scar I’ve scratched since Cattle Decapitation‘s “Forced Gender Reassignment.”

Watch the video for… “No, Can You Lick Them For Me?” below:

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