Pink Plastic & Black Lipstick: Death Metal “Barbie Girl” (Cover) by Mayra Puertas (Torture Squad) & Paula Carregosa [Brazil]

The hype around the new Barbie movie is resonating across all cultures… even Brazilian death metal.

Mayara Puertas and Paula Carregosa joined forces for a brutal cover of the 1997 pop hit “Barbie Girl.” You may know Mayara as the vocalist formerly of Necromesis and currently with Torture Squad. The only Brazilian sponsored guitarist by the brands Kemper Amps and Kiesel Guitars, Paula Carregosa has been featured on MTV’s Rocka Rolla.

With references to Judas Priest, Kiss, Dragonforce, Doro, Immolation, and Beyond Creation, check out the sadistically twisted video below.

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