Do the Powerpuff Girls Belong in the Mosh Pit? – “Resentment” by Scar Injection [Japan]

Akira, Mio, and 右近 可夢楼 (Akrasia) form the Japanese deathcore group Scar Injection. Their vicious production and growls follow in the path of Brand of Sacrifice or Enterprise Earth.

With such vinegar-flavored lines like “I’ll stand with you and spit on him,” the song title “Resentment” is a perfect fit for their latest single. With glitchy riffs and gutturals, the depiction of Powerpuff Girls as a visual for the video was genuinely mind-boggling. Admittedly though, watching animated kindergarten fists be thrown at Mojo Jojo, Him, and other classy villains while modern deathcore blares in unison is a worthwhile experience.

Watch the “Resentment” by Scar Injection video:

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