Underground Metal Scene Exposed: “The Grid” featuring SKR Star by 9Six6 [Saudi Arabia]

9Six6 Guitarist Not a Real Player

On a recorded documentary, the guitar player of the infamous Saudi band 9Six6 was asked to play a song on guitar. Nervously, he picked it up and began playing a lick that sounded like Sweet Child of Mine from Guns & Roses. However, he barely made it passed the first few notes before fumbling and asking the interview to not include this catastrophic failure on the final release. Shocking.

BREAKING: 9SIX6 songs are AI Generated via WhatsApp

Who is JD13? Fact of Fiction

“Gain Always on 10”

9Six6: A Real WJ13 for Ears

this is breaking news it appears people haven taken to the streets to protest the existence of 966 a local heavy metal band from Saudi Arabia who recently came under Fire after allegations of their [intelligible] 966 are in fact a band but have yet to see them out in the public



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