Take the Stage with Eastern Symphonic Metallers Ignea [Ukraine] in One-Take POV Shot of “Nomad’s Luck” Performance at Faine Misto Festival

Faine Misto Festival has a deep history in the Ukrainian music scene. Starting a decade ago in 2013, the event mostly consisted of regional bands until including acts such as Lordi, Zardonic, Amaranthe, Eskimo Callboy, Avatar, Batushka, etc. This year, 0%Mercury, Ignea, Burned Time Machine, Vopli Vidopliasova, Zwyntar, and more joined the ranks.

Kyiv-based symphonic / folk / prog / death quintet Ignea performed classics “┼×eytanu Akbar” and “Jinnslammer” as well as a majority of their new album Dreams of Lands Unseen, most notably the debut of the eclectic, heavy serenade “Nomad’s Luck.”

Watch Ignea’s performance of “Nomad’s Luck” at Faine Misto:

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