Voodoo Kungfu Pay Tribute To Kill Bill Master “Pai Mei” In Manic, Groovy New Single [China]

I first caught Voodoo Kungfu when they were selected as the opening act for Israel’s Orphaned Land US tour back in 2017. I was absolutely awestruck by their stage presence and have been advocates for the Chinese metal act ever since. The history is a bit murky, but according to Metal-Archives, vocalist Nan Li lead an industrial/noise metal act until 2003 renaming the group Voodoo Kungfu. The band then released a couple LPs and live albums before Li left to study voice principle at Berklee College of Music. He then reformed the band in the US and has released many singles under the project since. While I believe, Li may be currently residing in Los Angeles, the band holds roots in China and is often performing shows in that country.

Voodoo Kungfu have recently released a single titled “Pai Mei” in reference to kung fu master and trainer of Black Mamba in the Kill Bill movie series. The song features a variety of mind-blowing vocalizations from Li that include manic screams, industrial metal croons, and other inhuman growls. From the groovy riffs to shredding guitar licks and pounding drums, you definitely have to check out the track below.

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