Decem Maleficivm Boldly Experiment With Black Metal In ‘La Fin de Satan’ LP [Chile]

Decem Maleficivm

From Santiago, Chile, Decem Maleficivm consists of Daniel Araya (synths, vocals), Magus Umbra Nox (unclean vocals), Pedro Fontecilla (guitar), David Zambrano (guitar), Rodrigo Díaz (bass), and Christian Rojas (drums, percussion). The band takes on the black metal subgenre in a very experimental fashion, blending other extreme metal elements. In their recently released album titled La Fin de Satan, you can hear traits of death, doom, goth, and prog in the style of Paradise Lost, Enslaved, or Triptykon.

A full stream of the album is now available below. Enjoy over forty minutes of dark, dynamic, and moody metal that has blackened surprises around each turn. Check La Fin de Satan out below.

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