Underside Surpasses Conventions With Rebellious New Single “Gadhimai” [Nepal]


Nepal metallers Underside dropped an explosive with their new song “Gadhimai.” The band is an amalgamation of some of the finest musicians including Avishek K.C. (vocals), Bikash Bujhel (guitar), Bikrant Shrestha (guitar), and Nishant Hagjer (drums).

The track lies within the soundscapes of groove metal and metalcore music. “Gadhimai” portrays the advent of a whole new musical era for the band with a redefined sound. With an essence of Slipknot styled riffs, they render the song with a vibrant chorus, which leaves a ceaseless impact on listeners. The band is about to play with the American deathcore giants Whitechapel this summer.

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